Südwestmetall Prize Awarded to Dr. Olivia Gwinner

Dr. Olivia Gwinner receives award for her doctoral thesis at the University of Mannheim

Special award for the former doctoral student of our chair, Dr. Olivia Gwinner: The 28-year-old is one of nine early-stage researchers in Baden-Württemberg to receive the promotional award of the employers’ association Südwestmetall during an award ceremony in Stuttgart. Gwinner was awarded the prize for her dissertation at the University of Mannheim on the topic “Kundenrückgewinnungsmanagement – Organisationale Erfolgsfaktoren und Besonderheiten des Business-to-Business Kontexts” (Customer recovery management - Organizational success factors and special requirements of the business-to-business context). Her doctoral thesis makes a significant contribution to marketing research on customer recovery management in the business-to-business area.

With the award, Südwestmetall recognizes outstanding achievements of early-stage researchers at the nine universities of Baden-Württemberg. The prize amounts to 5,000 euros and is awarded to one researcher from each of the universities based on their recommendation. The prizes are awarded annually for academic papers that are of significance for the industry or its socio-political framework conditions. This is already the 30th year the prize has been awarded.