Bachelor's thesis

Our students get to choose their topic from different subject areas within marketing. Their thesis will be research-oriented and based on a literature research. 

Provided the examination board has allocated you to our department, you will be asked to hand in your preferences for the topics from the above-mentioned areas. Our team will then assign each student to one topic taking into account your preferences. As you can see from the list of subject areas, they are not exclusively related to the content of the marketing courses.

The bachelor thesis can be written in English or German.

Robin Wagner-Fabisch, M.Sc.

Robin Wagner-Fabisch, M.Sc.

Contact person for bachelor's theses

For further information please contact Robin Wagner-Fabisch.

    Information about the bachelor's thesis

  • Subject areas for the bachelor's thesis

    • Price Management
    • Product Management
    • Communications Management
    • Sales Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Marketing Research
  • Topics of completed bachelor's theses

    • Measures to Prevent Product Flops – A State of the Art
    • Making web-traffic to cash – Recent developments in online marketing research
    • Advertising effectiveness in the age of the Internet
    • Facebook data in marketing research – State of the art
    • Digital marketing capabilities
    • The role of social media in consumer behavior – State of the art
    • Price Fairness Perceptions in Multichannel Settings – State of the Art
    • Cross-Cultural Consumer Reactions towards Pricing Strategies – Status Quo of Research
    • Radical vs. Incremental Innovations: A State of the Art Review
    • How Should Companies Advertise Their New Products?
    • Managers and their Cognitive Biases – A State of the Art
    • The Relationship between Marketing and Finance
    • Success Factors of Marketing Strategy Implementation
    • Online-Cross-Selling – Theorien und empirische Evidenz profitabler Strategien und Mechanismen von Onlinehändlern
    • The Loss of Customers – Reasons, Prevention and Reacquisition Strategies
    • Does experience matter? Relevance of customer experience management in the context of business-to-business markets
    • Return on Marketing: Welchen Beitrag leistet Marketing zum Shareholder Value?