Academic Research and Writing

On this page, you can find all information related to the preparation of academic papers at our chair. When working on your bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or seminar paper at our chair, you can learn more about academic writing for the marketing sciences.

Bachelor's Thesis

Here you can find all information about the bachelor's thesis.

Seminar Paper

Here you can find all information about the seminar paper.

Masterarbeit Lehrstuhl Homburg
Master's Thesis

Here you can find all information about the master's thesis.

Guidelines Regarding the Formal Layout of Written Academic Work

Notice With Regard to the Handling of Plagiarism in Academic Writings

Writing seminar papers, master's and bachelor's theses at our department rests on mutual trust. You commit to complete these assignments independently without any external help. This includes to mark those sentences and passages that were adopted from other sources. Without indicating the sources of such sentences, particularly those that are accessible via the internet, they will be considered as plagiarism.

In case of plagiarism, the department reserves the right to not assess the entire work or parts thereof. By handing in your paper to our department, you acknowledge these rules and accept that your work might be analyzed by a software (Turnitin) in order to identify plagiarism.