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Renowned in research, in touch with business!

Our internationally renowned marketing chair practices scientific excellence, aligning research questions with current business topics. Over the past years, it realized almost 50 projects in cooperation with firms such as Accenture, Bosch, BASF, Roche, PERI or SAP.

At this point, the close cooperation with Accenture should be highlighted. In 2021, Prof. Homburg founded a scientific advisory board together with Accenture as part of his former management consultancy Homburg & Partner (acquired by the management consultancy Accenture in 2021). The advisory board links science and practice in an innovative way and ensures a continuous exchange between both disciplines.

This page provides an overview over our Fields of Competence, the Benefits of a Cooperation with us as well as the Types of Cooperation we offer. Further, we would like to introduce to you our Institute for Market-Oriented Management (IMU), the related strategy management consultancy Homburg & Partner, part of Accenture and the Competition TOP SERVICE.

Fields of Competence

Our wide-ranging competencies across the central areas of marketing and sales offer a broad variety of possibilities of cooperation.

Market-Oriented Management Development of market strategies, establishment of customer orientation, …
Digital Marketing Development of digitalisation strategies, application of digital tools, ...
Innovation Management Implementation of innovative technologies, such as IoT or augmented reality, in companies, ...
Customer Relations Management Customer prioritization, complaint management, brand management, …
Sales Management Sales excellence approach, success factors of key account management
Price Management Disclosure of potential for optimization in the pricing context, impact of complex pricing systems on customers, dynamic pricing …
Product Management Success factors for consumer good differentiation, measures for increasing market penetration of new product developments, …
Cost Management Shareholder value orientation in marketing, profitability of customer relations, …
Empirical Methods and Market Research Handling of issues related to survey-based research, applied statistical multivariate procedures, …

Benefits of Cooperation

Students on spiral staircase
Transfer of Knowledge

Scientifically based insights and solutions for your matters and innovative ideas for your business.


Exchange ideas with practitioners and academics at eye level and get valuable impetus.

Student in job interview

We offer you an exclusive platform for presenting your company at the University of Mannheim.


We are happy to share our knowledge at conferences, seminars and lectures with you, your employees or your customers.

Scientific Research

Get involved with science and support future-oriented projects.


Benefit from innovative insights and new ways of thinking.

Alicia Pett, M.A.

Alicia Pett, M.A.

Contact person business

For further information please contact Alicia Pett.

Types of Cooperation

There are two ways to cooperate with us. We are happy to either support you in an individual project or to cooperate with you within the scope of a dissertation.

Both options are described below. In case you are interested you are welcome to contact us.

  • Individual Projects

    A team of chair staff (Assistant Professors, Academic Staff Members) works on a defined project.

    • Problem recognition and analysis, project plan, kick-off session
    • Idea generation
    • Analyses
    • Development of appropriate measures
    • Presentations and reports on a regular basis (e.g. progress reports, project completion presentation)
  • Dissertation Support

    You support over a longer period of time one or several doctoral students that investigate a topic of your interest.

    • Problem recognition and analysis, project plan, kick-off-session
    • Realization of empirical investigations
    • Development of benchmarks and best practices
    • Challenging of existing marketing practices
    • Publication in scientific and (if so) practitioner magazines
    • Presentations and speeches
Alicia Pett, M.A.

Alicia Pett, M.A.

Contact person Cooperation

For further information please contact Alicia Pett.

Institute of Market-Oriented Management

The Institute of Market-Oriented Management at the University of Mannheim considers itself a forum for dialogue between scientific theory and practice. Its research intends to generate scientific results which are significant for market-oriented management. The institute's maxims are quality and speed.

The high scientific and academic standard is guaranteed by the close networking of the IMU with the Chairs of Marketing at the University of Mannheim, all of which are highly renowned on a national and international level. The academic directors of the IMU are Professor Homburg, and Professor Kuester.

Florian Holz, M.Sc.

Florian Holz, M.Sc.

Contact Person for the Institute of Market-Oriented Management

For further information please contact Florian Holz.

Homburg & Partner, Part of Accenture


Due to the manifold tasks in research and teaching, the cooperation of the chair with companies cannot be extended indefinitely. Larger cooperation projects involving more in-depth consulting services are therefore handled by the international market and strategy consulting firm Homburg & Partner, Part of Accenture. Founded in 1997 as a university spin-off, Homburg & Partner has been standing for market-oriented consulting expertise in the research areas of the chair for more than 20 years. Since May 2021, the team's expertise in market strategy, sales and price management strengthens the strategy division of the management consultancy Accenture. The acquisition by Accenture, a highly international and technology-oriented consultancy, provides the ideal basis for providing clients with customized and reliable consulting solutions – from analysis and strategy development to implementation (End-2-End). Various cooperation projects between the chair and Homburg & Partner, Part of Accenture ensure a continuous transfer between current research and practice.

Dr. Aline Lanzrath

Dr. Aline Lanzrath

Contact Person Homburg & Partner, Part of Accenture

If you have any questions, please contact Aline Lanzrath.

Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V.

The Mannheim office of MTP  was founded in 1984 and brings together students interested in marketing from the University of Mannheim and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg and the University of Applied Science in Ludwigshafen. MTP establishes contact between students and companies through the weekly plenum, specialized lectures by regional sponsor companies, and exciting workshops. Students from all disciplines are always welcome to join the plenum!

Competition TOP SERVICE Germany

The competition „TOP SERVICE Germany” is conducted by the ServiceRating GmbH since 2005. Special about the competition is the fact that service quality is examined holistically from the point of view of both managers and customers. By means of the Focus-Model (leadingly developed by Professor Homburg, Director of the Institute of Market-Oriented Management), firms are offered the chance to enlarge their knowledge about their customer orientation and to advance with the aid of benchmarking in comparison to other firms. Based on the holistic analysis of the customer service, we publish 50 firms and honor them with the help of our partner Handelsblatt.

Registration is open to firms of any industry and customer relationships. The participation in the competition „TOP SERVICE Germany“ gives firms the chance to get honored for their customer orientation.

To the competition “TOP SERVICE” that is established in Germany since over ten years, an Austrian counterpart exists. This is a particular advantage for firms with societies in both countries: By means of the Focus-Model of customer orientation developed by Professor Homburg enables the comparison of Germany and Austria. Renowned cooperation partners bundle their competencies for this unique award for service quality and customer orientation that incorporates both the company- and the customer perspective.

Registration is open to firms of any industry and customer relationships. The participation in the competition „TOP SERVICE Österreich“ gives firms the chance to get honored for their customer orientation.


Stefan Hartmann, M.Sc.

Stefan Hartmann, M.Sc.

Contact Person for the Competition TOP SERVICE

For further information please contact Stefan Hartmann.