German Literature Studies for students without skills in humanities

Necessary prerequisites
Further informationPlease enrol in courses via the course catalog of the School of Humanities / Department of German Studies (Student Portal) or e-Mail to program Manager Sebastian Hempen (master(at)
Organizational informationAll of the following courses (16 ECTS in total) have to be taken.
Contact personSebastian Hempen (master(at)
Necessary prerequisitesAssessment formECTSSemester
Lecture: Introduction to Literature Studies, Part 1

Written exam

Proseminar: Literature Studies

Lecture: Introduction to Literature Studies

Term paper

5Spring & fall
Seminar to choose from the offering of the master's program “Literature, Media and Culture in the Modern Era”

Lecture: Introduction to Literature Studies, Part 1

Term paper or written exam

7Spring & fall