MAN 644: Human Resource Training and Development

In this course, we will focus on Training and Development as a key discipline within the field of Human Resource Management. Starting with strategic considerations related to Training and Development, this course will take you through the various aspects of training and development design, as well as the training and development methods. The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • Strategic Training and Development
  • Training and Development Needs Assessment
  • Learning and Knowledge Transfer
  • Training and Development Program Design
  • Training and Development Evaluation
  • Traditional Training Methods
  • Technology-based Training Methods
  • Employee Development and Career Management
During the exercise sessions, various topics that will have been covered in the lecture will be further elaborated through case studies, group assignments, practical group exercises and plenary discussions.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will able to:

  • perform a training and development needs assessment,
  • knowledgably discuss key concepts of learning and knowledge transfer,
  • design a training and development program,
  • evaluate the impact of training and development measures,
  • identify and apply key characteristics of traditional training methods,
  • and identify and apply key characteristics of traditional technology-based training methods.

Necessary prerequisites

Recommended prerequisites

Forms of teaching and learningContact hoursIndependent study time
Lecture2 SWS8 SWS
Exercise class2 SWS5 SWS
ECTS credits6
Graded yes
Form of assessmentWritten exam (60 min, 75%), assignment (25%)
Restricted admissionyes
Further information
Performing lecturer
Frank C.Danesy
Dr. Frank Danesy
Dr. Frank Danesy
Frequency of offeringSpring semester
Duration of module 1 semester
Range of applicationM.Sc. MMM, M.Sc. Bus. Edu., M.Sc. Econ., M.Sc. Bus. Inf., LL.M., MAKUWI
Preliminary course work
Program-specific Competency GoalsCG 1, CG 2
  • Craig, R. L. The ASTD Training and Development Handbook, 4th ed.. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1996
  • Noe, Raymond A. Employee Training and Development. 8th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2019.
  • Smaldino, Sharon E., James D. Russel, Robert Heinrich, and Michael Molenda. Instructional Technology and Media for Learning, 8th Edition. Harlow: Pearson, 2006.
Forces Influencing Learning
Professional Training Roles and Organizations
Strategic Training
Needs Assessment
Learning and Transfer of Training
Program Design
Training Evaluation
Traditional Training Methods &
Technology-based Training Methods
Employee Development & Career Management
Evidence-based Training