“Enactus is a global student initiative that actively implements social, economic and ecological projects.”

At the University of Mannheim, many students are active in student initiatives. We talked Luisa Nolting, member at Enactus, to find out more about the work in the initiative.

How did you become part of Enactus?

Luisa: When I was in school, I already knew that I wanted to combine my interest in economic concepts with social engagement. After high school graduation, I decided to do a voluntary social year in Argentina, where another volunteer told me about Enactus and their unique projects. After that I immediately researched whether Enactus is also active at the University of Mannheim. 

What does Enactus lobby for?

Luisa: Enactus is a global student initiative that actively implements social, economic and ecological projects. Thereby, we aim to help through self-helping by providing people with the means to help themselves in order to improve society from a small scale.

What are your tasks at Enactus?

Luisa: This year I am active as a board member. Together with three other students I am in charge of the strategic focus of our team, as well as the direct support of our projects. At the same time I coordinate and develop the PR of Enactus and work on raising awareness of our projects at the university and in the Rhein-Neckar area.

What other ways are there to participate in your initiative?

Luisa: Members at Enactus Mannheim e.V. are active either in one of our projects and thus, work every day on bringing forward their “own” projects, or in our innovations team, which works on developing new projects.

So far, what has been your most exciting experience with Enactus?

Luisa: It is difficult to determine one moment as my most exciting experience. It is much more about every moment in which you notice that all your hard work has paid off.

Such a moment was, when we worked on preparing the annual National Cup and we received a video from Indonesia, in which eight women were harvesting vegetables according to our “Effishent-System”.  And it is every time, we hear that another purchase of our “ReSoil” has been placed in Uganda, or it was last week, when we were working together until midnight and suddenly received the notification that we won a large competition with one of our other projects.

For me, developing a project together with other highly motivated students, that actually has an impact, has been and still is a very special experience.