“For me, being a part of Infinity means standing up for a more harmonious society every day.”

At the University of Mannheim, many students are active in student initiatives. We talked to Armin Mesgaran, member at Infinity Mannheim, to find out more about the work in the initiative.

What does Infinity lobby for?

Armin: At Infinity Mannheim everything is about sustainability and social entrepreneurship. For this purpose we focus on all three pillars of sustainability (economical, environmental and social sustainability).

In doing so, we follow an approach that guarantees that our sustainable footprint in the society is being maximized. For this purpose, we regularly organize lectures and panel discussions with representatives from the industry, politics and society. Furthermore, we educate our member on the topics of sustainability and entrepreneurship through several workshops and trainings. The transfer of know-how takes place internally between different members, as well as with experienced social entrepreneurs and other representatives from the industry.

Additionally, we offer our members the opportunity to work on existing or create new projects.

How can interested student become part of Infinity?

Armin: At the beginning of every semester, we organize a kick-off event, at which interested students can get more information about the membership at Infinity. After a successful application and a short interview, students become new members. Beyond that we are also open for interested students during the semesters and are always happy to help.

How do you like being part of an initiative?

Armin: For me, being a part of Infinity means standing up for a more harmonious society every day. Here I can apply my gained skills and thereby implement projects and ideas.

To whom would you recommend this initiative?

Armin: I recommend Infinity to every free spirit, every doer and everyone, who wants to make the world a better place. Students, who want to engage in social entrepreneurship and sustainability, are here at the right place. It doesn’t matter if you want to invest only one hour per week, or if you want to make Infinity a part of you daily life, like us board members.

How can students apply their business administrative skills from their studies?

Armin: Business administrative questions also arise in the areas of sustainability and social entrepreneurship! At Infinity, innovative business administrative toolkits are essential, especially in our project work. For this purpose, we regularly educate ourselves through workshops, learn about new practically oriented models from the economy through their representatives and identify the relevance of the models from lectures.