“The regulars’ tables are a crucial factor for the MaFAT team spirit”

At the University of Mannheim, many students are active in student initiatives. We talked Daniel Hoferer, member at MaFAT Sc, to find out more about the work in the initiative.

How did you become part of the MaFAT SC?

Daniel: Even before I started my studies I knew that I was going into the area of accounting and taxation. At the student initiatives fair, which takes place at the beginning of each fall semester, I came across the MaFAT SC and immediately knew that it was right organization for me.

What does MaFAT lobby for?

Daniel: Through the MaFAT e.V. and its corporate partners, as well as alumni, and members of the association, we can access a continually growing network, that has specialized in the areas of accounting and taxation. Every semester, we offer several workshops and lectures and the annual meeting of the MaFAT e.V. gives us the opportunity to get into contact with companies and other members. Additionally, we have a regulars’ table, where we strengthen our team spirit and discuss recent topics in our area.

What are your tasks at MaFAT SC?

Daniel: As a board member I am responsible for the organization of our events and the contact to our corporate partners. Every semester, we are able to find new and interesting topics for workshops and lectures with the support of Prof. Dr. Spengel and his chair.

What other ways are there to engage in your initiative?

Daniel: The regulars’ tables and other events are one way for members to discuss topics regarding accounting and taxation with other students. And we are also excited to welcome new students to our regulars’ table.

So far, what has been your most exciting experience at MaFAT?

Daniel: The regulars’ tables are a crucial factor for the MaFAT team spirit. This way, interacting with other students and networking is just so much more fun. Due to our good relation with corporate partners, events are always very interesting and reinforce my passion for accounting and taxation. However, I wouldn’t declare one specific moment my most exciting experience. For me, the overall experience makes MaFAT a great student initiative.