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Focus on the Far East: Chinese in Business Administration Studies

Learning Chinese in the Bachelor's Program Business Administration

The Bachelor's Program Business Administration at the University of Mannheim is internationally-oriented: On the one hand, because of the obligatory semester abroad, on the other hand, because of the intense study of a foreign language. Choose Chinese and learn Mandarin, the official language of China, in the second, third and – optionally – fourth semester.

No language skills are required for the language option Chinese. However, since the number of participants is limited, your knowledge will be tested in a regional studies test in the first semester in order to assign you to different courses:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced level
  • Business Chinese*

Afterwards, use the opportunity to spend your semester abroad in the People's Republic of China (Hong Kong), in Taiwan or Singapore. A study visit in the Chinese-speaking region allows you to improve this challenging language and at the same time experience the culture first-hand. Therefore, we provide you with all the necessary language skills in the previous semesters.

*very good language skills required

“There are so many different opinions about the Middle Kingdom, but authentic experiences can only be gained on-site: Thanks to the Chinese courses during my Bachelor’s program I was linguistically as well as culturally prepared for my unforgettable stay in Beijing – full of exciting and special adventures.”

Sebastian Junker, Graduate of Bachelor Business Administration / Photo credit: Privat

“Learning Chinese was one of the biggest challenges of my Bachelor’s program. The characters make it very difficult to guess the meaning of words, but it was definitely worth it! Because of the small group in Foreign Language Skills Chinese I did not only learn the pronunciation and the characters, but I also got to know the Chinese culture. This rounded off my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and awakened my love for Asia! My semester abroad in Shanghai was unbelievably eventful and instructive.”

Alina Mey, Graduate of Bachelor Business Administration / Photo credit: Privat

“Since I am of Chinese origin, I chose Foreign Language Skills Chinese (Business Chinese). I especially liked that the group of participants was small because this made the course very intense and prepared me very well for my stay abroad at the Beijing University.”

Emilie Wang, Graduate of Bachelor Business Administration / Photo credit: Privat

    Foreign Language Skills Chinese: Curriculum

  • Required skills

    In the first semester of their 6-semester Bachelor's program, all students choose a foreign language which they deepen in the second, third and, if necessary, in the fourth semester (only Chinese and Japanese). A language test is carried out for the assessment and admission to the desired course. This test is to assess the existing language level.

    The number of participants in the language courses – except for English - is generally limited. The allocation is carried out based on the test results. Since 2010, the number of applicants has been so high that during the first semester we perform a test on general knowledge about China. The test determines who will be admitted to the beginner's Chinese course. There is no previous knowledge required for the Chinese language option. If the students do not have any previous knowledge in Chinese, an additional course offer ensures that all students have acquired solid language skills after completing their studies. 

  • How to apply

    During the first Bachelor semester you will get information about all the options in the “Foreign Language Skills” module. The choice of a language takes place immediately afterwards (via Portal 2).


  • Study plan

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Didi Zhang, Dipl.-Übers.

Didi Zhang, Dipl.-Übers.

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