Mannheim Master in Management: Specialization in International Management

Students who decide to focus on international management will acquire and demonstrate expert knowledge in the specific subject of management from a global perspective. Corporate activities that take place in multiple countries and/or are integrated across borders involve a substantial degree of managerial complexity. International management thus centers on the specific managerial challenges and choices associated with a firm’s cross- border
activities. This includes among other things the determinants, characteristics, and performance outcomes
of firms’ internationalization processes, a discussion of firms’ market entry and exit strategies, the critical reflection on common managerial practices (i.e., cross-border M&A, international alliance networks), and the review of common managerial dilemmas (e.g., localization vs. global standardization) in the global business context. 

The Course Offering for a Master's in International Management: A Selection*

* The range of courses is constantly being developed, so it cannot be guaranteed that courses will be offered every semester.

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