Mannheim Master in Management: The Specialization Data Analytics

Analyse and Use Data Successfully

Data Analytics is multi-disciplinary and best understood as an umbrella term to describe the entire process to extract meaningful value from data in order to allow companies to engage in better decision making. Converting data into increased business performance requires the ability to extract insights from data through analytics. Due to the constantly growing amount of available data and especially its processing by more and more advanced software and hardware solutions, a new thematic focus has emerged in the analysis of Big Data.

Students who would like to specialize in data analytics will learn techniques to deal with complex and hard decisions based on data. This knowledge is further enriched and terms like descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics are introduced. Students will also learn how to use Python. Other topics cover empirical methods, machine learning, software environments such as R or SPSS, market research, marketing/HR/business analytics, process mining and business intelligence.

A specialization in data analytics equips students with the necessary knowledge and tools for job roles such as “Business Analyst” or “Data Scientist”.

The Course Offering for a Specialization in Data Analytics: A Selection*

* The range of courses is constantly being developed, so it cannot be guaranteed that courses will be offered every semester.

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