Mannheim Master in Management: Information Systems & Information Technology

Digital Transformation through Information Systems and Technology

Today, information systems not only support efficient and effective operations, but also drive innovative business models and enable digital products and services. In order to stay competitive, businesses are forced to continually find new ways to leverage information technology and pursue digital innovation. One of their main obstacles in this endeavor is a lack of professionals that understand how information systems can be developed, implemented, and used in the business context. This includes professionals with expertise in areas such as (agile) development methods, effective system use, IT management and governance, and organizational change.

If you would like to become one of those highly sought-after professionals and learn how businesses can leverage information systems success, then the specialization in Information Systems and Information Technology is the right choice for you!

A specialization in Information Systems & Information Technology equips students with the necessary knowledge for job roles such as:

  • Leading digital transformations
  • Shaping corporate IT strategies
  • Managing digital innovation projects
  • Becoming an IT entrepreneur
  • Developing a career as a management or technology consultant
  • Becoming a software product or IT service manager
  • Becoming an agile development professional (e.g., Agile Coach, Scrum Master)
  • Analyzing and designing business processes
  • Being a key facilitator between business and technology functions

In our courses, students can choose to focus on a more theoretical view (information systems) or a more technological view (information technology).

A Selection of Course offerings for Information Systems*:

  • IT Management in the Digital Age (mehr lesen)
  • Corporate Knowledge Management (mehr lesen)
  • Digital Innovation (mehr lesen​​​​​​​)
  • Theories and Methods in Information Systems (mehr lesen​​​​​​​​​​​​​​)

A Selection of Course offerings for Information Technology*:

*Course offerings are constantly evolving, therefore it cannot be guaranteed that courses will be offered every semester.

In addition, Information Systems and Information Technology courses can be complemented with courses from other Areas, especially courses in (Digital) Marketing, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics.

Our complete, current course offer for the Mannheim Master in Management can be found in the module catalog.

Complement your specialization with a matching elective:

  • Business Informatics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Psychology

Here you can find the current selection of electives