Young Scholar Research Competition Award

Congratulations to our doctoral candidate Aline Lanzrath and our Alumni Prof. Robin-Christopher Ruhnau for receiving the Young Scholar Research Competition Award (Finalist)!

Some weeks ago, the AMA Winter Academic Conference of the American Marketing Association took place. We are very proud of our doctoral candidate Aline Lanzrath and Professor Robin-Christopher Ruhnau for receiving the Young Scholar Research Competition Award (Finalist) for their paper on diversity management in B2B sales, presented by the Organization Frontline Research. We congratulate to this great achievement.

Within their research they deal with reasons for and actionable measures against women's underrepresentation in B2B sales and identify success factors in creating labor market communication, educational systems and job structures that help future female sales talent to unleash their full potential.  If you have questions or are interested in diversity management strategies in B2B sales, please get in touch with Aline Lanzrath.