New Publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Customer Journey Management is gaining more and more momentum due to a tremendously chaning business-to-business landscape.

Congratulations to Dr. Moritz Tischer and Prof. Christian Homburg, whose paper “Customer journey management capability in business-to-business markets: Its bright and dark sides and overall impact on firm performance“ was recently published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, one of the most important journals for marketing research.

Business-to-business (B2B) practitioners are increasingly interested in capabilities to holistically manage touchpoints along B2B customer journeys (CJs) to remain competitive. Research in the B2B context, however, has investigated neither what constitutes such a customer journey management capability (CJMC) nor howwhether, or when it creates value. Taking a mixed-methods approach, we conceptualize and operationalize B2B CJMC as a supplier's ability to achieve superior customer value along the B2B CJ by strategically creating value-anchored customer touchpoints characterized through the implementation of consistent resource usage across internal organizational boundaries and by continuously monitoring value creation toward the individual members of the buying center. 

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