Research Insight 078: Marketing in Financial Market Communication – Insights from Expert Interviews, Conference Calls and Stock Price Reactions

Ruhnau, R./ Homburg, Ch./ Hohenberg, S.


Companies and managers invest a lot of time and money in their financial market communication, as the content and language of the communication has a great influence on their own share prices. Nevertheless, it is unclear what role marketing plays in financial market communication and how this communication should ideally be designed.

The research results of a two-part study consisting of expert interviews and the analysis of the communication of more than 5,000 companies show that marketing in financial market communication addresses activities and potentials of the company that are directed towards the promotion of demand and organic growth. However, despite the high relevance of organic growth for financial markets, the average company speaks very little about marketing to financial markets.

Moreover, the analyses show that companies risk substantially damaging their share price if marketing information to financial markets is communicated too vaguely and superficially.

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