Inspiring Workshop with ADM

Thank you to all students for participating in this exciting workshop with ADM!

Last week, we had the opportunity to host an exciting & inspiring workshop with our partner ADM. Within the workshop, students worked on a case study on newproductdevelopment. All groups constructed inspiring and creative ideas and presented them to an active and vibrant audience – the winning product idea will be tasted soon by all participants.

Interesting fact: There are many different beverages in the picture below. ADM provides different ingredients for the vast majority of the shown beverages. Be it individual ingredients or more complex ingredient structures. Did you know this?

We want to thank Peter Becker, Sebastian Seeliger, Greta Leonhardt and Marco Mohr from ADM for co-organizing this amazing workshop together with Maximilian Knapp from the Chair of B2B Marketing, Sales & Pricing | Prof. Homburg, University of Mannheim and especially all the students who enriched this insightful and fascinating event!