Dr. Dominik Wielgos awarded with the Südwestmetall-Prize

Dr. Dominik Wielgos receives prize for dissertation project at the University of Mannheim

Special honor for Dr. Dominik Wielgos, postdoctoral researcher at our chair: The 30-year-old researcher is one of nine young scientists from Baden-Wurttemberg who were awarded the €5.000 sponsorship prize of the employers' association Südwestmetall at an online event in Stuttgart on Wednesday. Dominik Wielgos received the award for his dissertation at the University of Mannheim on the topic of "Digital Transformation and Corporate Success – A Cross-Industry Empirical Investigation into the Concept, Measurement and Effect of Organizational Competencies.” In his dissertation, Dr. Wielgos deals with the management of digital transformation – a topic that is currently a top management priority. In doing so, he has developed a measurement tool for recording the digital competence of companies, which can be used as a “digital maturity index” by companies in various industries. This enables managers to determine their company's digital development status and identify development potential.

For more than 30 years, Südwestmetall has awarded the prize in recognition of outstanding achievements by young scientists at Baden-Württemberg's nine state universities. Each university awards a Südwestmetall sponsorship prize worth 5,000 euros. The prizes are awarded annually on the recommendation of the universities for scientific work that is of importance to the industrial business world or its sociopolitical framework.