Young Scholar Research Competition Award 2024

Congratulations to our doctoral candidate Janina Riether for receiving the Young Scholar Research Competition Award together with her co-authors Prof. Christian Homburg and alumni Prof. Robin-Christopher Ruhnau!

Last week, the OFR Symposium as part of the AMA Winter Academic Conference of the American Marketing Association took place in St. Pete Beach, Florida. We are very proud of our doctoral candidate Janina Riether  for receiving the Young Scholar Research Competition Award for their paper “Extended Reality in B2B Sales Processes: A Conceptualization of Extended Reality Technology Implementation Along the B2B Customer Decision Journey”.

Within the paper, Ms. Riether and her co-authors Prof. Robin-Christopher Ruhnau and Prof. Christian Homburg explore the use of Extended Reality (XR) technologies in B2B sales processes and how XR technologies lead to various customer and sales-oriented benefits along the B2B Customer Decision Journey. Finally, they explore the role of the biggest challenges and consistent remedies.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying XR technologies in B2B sales processes, please feel free to contact Janina Riether directly.